Adjuvants for effective plant protection


Syngenta has taken up the products ATPLUS, ELASTO G5 and ASSIST M36 for the EMEA countries (see contacts on the country pages). Chrysal International has taken up ELASTO G5 for the USA, Columbia and Japan (contact Patrick Kapteijn).



SURfaPLUS Trading develops adjuvants for a higher efficiency in chemical and biological plant protection. We have developed applications for the products ASSIST M36 (esterified seed oil), Elasto G5 (polyglycerol based product), Atplus UCL 1007 (ethoxylated fatty alcohol based product) and Drop Keeper (guar gum based drift retardant). Many of these applications are focused on a more effective use of growth regulators, insecticides and herbicides. We are prepared to share our expertise on these products and their applications with interested people in other countries.