The adjuvant ASSIST M36 (replaces Hasten) is an emulsifiable esterified rapeseed oil which improves the performance of many pesticides. SURfaPLUS has developed applications of ASSIST M36 with several insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and growth regulators. ASSIST M36 enhances the foliar uptake of active ingredients and improves the wetting of difficult-to-wet-crops. It can also reduce the drift of small spray droplets. ASSIST M36 provides a faster control of a pest as more active ingredient reaches its target. As a result, growers can use the label rate of the active ingredient instead of application the double label rate.



  • with abamectin and cyromazin against miner flies
  • with abamectin against spider mites in cucumber
  • with abamectin against thrips in chrysanthemum and peppers
  • with abamectin against Aceria unguiculata in buxus
  • with abamectin against pear's psylla in pear trees
  • with spinosad against thrips in chrysanthemum
  • with milbectin against spider mites in roses and chrysanthemum
  • with thiamethoxam against cotton aphids in chrysanthemum
  • with pymetrozin against white flies in gerbera and cucumber
  • with flonicamid against white flies in gerbera
  • with paclobutrazol for better growth regulation of petunia, verbena and sutera
  • with propiconazole for better growth regulation of pernettya
  • with nicosulfuron and rimsulfuron against weed in maize
  • with MCPA against creeping thistle
For an overview, please have a look on ASSIST M36 applications in horticulture.

Activities with ASSIST M36 in other countries than the Netherlands:

ASSIST M36 is distrubuted in Denmark. See our Denmark pages.